Mary Stephens (née DeSouza) - Founder

Mary's enthusiasm for e-learning combines extensive education experience with a love of technology, beginning with BS and MS degrees from MIT in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. For over 20 years, Mary has designed curricula and taught all levels from discrete math at MIT to K-12 math, computers, humanities, and science. Her technical expertise emerges from years in industry with companies including Edusoft and Oracle, where she worked in product management, strategy, and engineering. Mary has spoken at international education conferences and has served as research and development manager at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, professional math consultant at Merrimack College, founder of Omega Teaching, board member of Alpha Public Schools, and adjunct faculty at UMASS. She can be contacted at


Our team are experts in online learning, teaching and content development. Over 20 years, Gregg served in senior executive roles at leading educational firms, including Kaplan, ETS, and Pearson. He also was COO of TC Innovations at Teachers College Columbia University. Amy received her Doctor of Education degree in Curriculum and Teaching, served as Director of Strategic Initiatives at Boston University's School of Education, and worked as the Senior Director of Operations at Simmons College. Carol has an MA in Education from Harvard, was a former New York school principal, and served as Executive Director of the Association of Higher Education and Disabilities. Jerry is a Massachusetts recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching and an instructor at UMass. Doug received his Ed.M in Teaching and Curriculum from Harvard, taught high school social studies, and led the development of Edusoft's formative assessment items. Ashley teaches Composition and Creative Writing at the University of Memphis. Sam is a professional statistical analyst with an MS in Mathematics. Our resident techie Andrew is a veteran of the e-learning space, and previously, a senior software engineer at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Curriculum Associates, and Pearson.

In addition, we brought together a team of experienced special education teachers and curriculum developers from across the country for the development of our new course on inclusion. Members of the course development all have a master's degree, or better, in education, curriculum development, education administration and policy, or special education. Their combined experience in the classroom accumulates to over 100 years. They have run programs for students with disabilities, developed assistive technology products, worked internationally in special education, and received and given specialized training in working with students with each of the disabilities covered in our course, from learning disabilities to autism to behavioral disorders.