What You Should Know about Teacher Certification in Illinois and the ILTS Test of Academic Proficiency

The ILTS Test of Academic Proficiency (ILTS TAP Exam) replaced the ICTS Basic Skills exam in 2012. For the most up-to-date information, visit the Illinois State Board of Education website and the official ILTS site.

  1. How do I know which exams are required for each license?
    The publisher of the ILTS exam has information on this website regarding which exams are required for certification in Illinois.
  2. How do I register for the test?
    You can register for the exams online, on the phone, or by mail. Click here for details on registration methods and deadlines.
  3. What material will be covered on the exams?
    The official ILTS site provides a list of specific objectives for the ILTS TAP exam that we use in developing our material. You can find the test objectives here.
  4. How long will I have to complete each exam?
    For the ILTS TAP, if you choose to take only one subtest during the session, you will be given 2 hours and 30 minutes. If you choose to take all four subtests, you will have 5 hours to complete them.
  5. How many times can I take the exam?
    You are limited to only 5 attempts at the exam. Each attempt at all or part of the exam counts towards the limit of 5. However, if you previously took the Basic Skills exam, those attempts do not count towards the total number of attempts.
  6. What are the sections and different ways to take the TAP exam?
    The TAP consists of the following subtests: Reading Comprehension, Mathematics, Language Arts, and Writing. It is offered only as a computer-based exam.

What You Should Know about Our Courses

  1. Can I use your courses for CPDU credits?
    Yes! We have been approved by the Illinois State Board of Education as a CPDU provider. Our courses can be used for professional development and continuing education.
  2. Am I guaranteed personal support with your courses?
    Yes! You can contact the instructor for any assistance with the content, study strategies, or whatever else you need to prepare.

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