Professional Development

Our courses help educators refresh current skills and develop new areas of expertise in a self-paced environment. All lessons are divided into blocks that focus on a specific concept, so existing teachers can find the right modules for their career development needs. Teachers can identify and remedy knowledge gaps, strengthen understanding of fundamentals in math, reading, language arts, and writing, and quickly and effectively diagnose areas for focus.

We are certified by state education boards as providers of continuing education and professional development units. PrepForward's self-paced, online courses cover all essentials required to ensure a thorough understanding of core subjects. Our courses feature targeted lessons, interactive exercises, full-length simulations, detailed explanations, rich diagnostic data, and expert instructor support.

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K-6 Elementary Math - Online Course: $450

Functions, algebra, geometry, statistics, probability, word problems, graphing, solving equations, and operations.

Advanced Math - Online Course: $450

Algebra, geometry, statistics, probability, graphing, solving equations, trigonometry, calculus, and discrete math.

Reading Comprehension - Online Course: $275

Reading analysis and comprehension skills, critical reasoning skills, and intensive vocabulary review.

Language Arts & Writing - Online Course: $275

Spelling, punctuation, and grammar; sentence and paragraph construction; usage conventions; effective essay writing.

K-6 Inclusion Course: $475

Covers autism, learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, hearing impairments, speech & language disorders, vision impairments, emotional & behavioral disorders, intellectual disabilities, and physical & health disorders. For each disability, the course includes approaches for lesson planning, effective teaching, classroom management, assessment, strategies for outside the classroom, and technical support tools.